About Us

The immigration process may seem complex and daunting at times. It requires patience, accuracy and lots of paperwork!

Our team is fully committed in helping you achieve your goal so you can focus on your day to day life while feeling assured you are on the right path.

Work Life

What Miwako enjoys most about her work

  • Meeting new people with different backgrounds and stories
  • Creating a positive relationship with her clients
  • Working closely together to achieve a common goal
  • Help piecing together the puzzle and making the client feel at ease
  • Celebrating the milestones and success together with her clients

Home Life

What Miwako enjoys most outside of work

  • Dogs (proud owner of a 19 yr old jack russel terrier mix “Nelson”)
  • Exercise (running, tennis, hiking, gym, stand up paddling etc.)
  • Home organization (easily excited by Tupperware and storage bins)
  • Coffee (a bit of a coffee snob)
  • Food (especially loves exploring hole in the wall restaurants with good food!)
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